For those who are inactive to read all the text is here history in pictures.
APOLOGY: by reason of my busyness i let translate the text by machine so i expect grand faults :-)
A beginning existence these musical orchestra it can be consider year 1989. All that time our nowaday conductor ZDENEK CERNY follow up with the tradition children's and young's orchestras in musical school of Usti Nad Orlici. Repertoire has been compilated at classic compositions behalf wood-wind orchestra. Already during first two years the orchestra worked up at-by then greatest achievement (at least in criteria musical schools and authorities), when it got across 4 rounds national contests scholastic wood-wind orchestras and was placed at final round (that was held in KOLIN) on 4. place. This contests ZUS (basic art school - type of art school in cz) that is given every three years, attendance the orchestra from its "birth" regularly, and by then presented achievement failed to repeat.

In last 10 years pass out the orchestra also series excursion to abroad...(at least yearly). Between visited countries come Poland, Germany and Switzerland. (in last year also Sweden) By-pass the experts, about that we already talked, as greatest achievement it can we talk in coherence of tour to festival in German THUM - correctly the year 2000, where for interest viewers ahead of full tent-hall about in the rough 2000 men (so half minor football stadium) had orchestra its about hourly program all repeat (and a little even elongate). Really affirmative experience.

All the 13 years wasn't a matter of course anyhow simple - heart first talk about achievements, until bad success. Across this epoch oneself crew of orchestra n't-once changed and in the course of the last distinct permutation not come just at alterations of players, but even to change in repertoire; that emphatic shifted direction to swing and jazz. First distinct shift has been explicit in year 2000, when all 2nd half yearly concert has been enriched concerning visiting vocalist LADISLAV KERNDL.With this also bear on evolution the name of orchestra - from off variations in theme young wood-wind orchestra ZUS or wood-wind orchestra ZUS across uninteresting UNIVERSAL JUNIOR band finally the conductor successed along with the name BLACK BAND. ...actually we'd argue him into ... but allow, that name of orchestra, that more than 10 years conducts Mr Cerny (that mean black in english), is the name BLACK BAND applicable.