...in pictures...

    Here you can see the image of the orchestra how looks like up to date.

    The pictures are lined from the newest to the oldest. This picture is from some practise camp. I odo not remember the dates so i cannot write them.

    This picture is from May of yer 2000 and this man with microphone is in czech well known. His name is Laďa Kerndl.

So did we look like before we started to play in shirts or t-shirts.

Behind us is the Polish harbour Scenczin; our first and clearly last tour by train. Please do not belive polish trains the reservations.

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Some picture from german Thum.

Other picture from Thum.

Next other picture from thum. Year 95 or 96.

One of our previus uniforms.

A squad for photograph.

Some very old photography from the practice camp.

A performace of preparatory band. These boys are now one of oldest in the band.

A perlička na závěr:
And that is the relaxation after the concert that we just finished to play. It was in some spa not far from Thum. Document from sucessful tour to thum in year 2001.